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Marina And The Diamonds-Immortal by PersephoneDarkQueen Marina And The Diamonds-Immortal :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0 Marina And The Diamonds-The State Of Dreaming by PersephoneDarkQueen Marina And The Diamonds-The State Of Dreaming :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0 Marina And The Diamonds-Living Dead by PersephoneDarkQueen Marina And The Diamonds-Living Dead :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 2 0 Marina And The Diamonds-Girls by PersephoneDarkQueen Marina And The Diamonds-Girls :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0 Marina And The Diamonds-Buy The Stars by PersephoneDarkQueen Marina And The Diamonds-Buy The Stars :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0 Kimberly Freeman-White Dress Princess by PersephoneDarkQueen Kimberly Freeman-White Dress Princess :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0 Kimberly Freeman-Dance While I'm Drowning by PersephoneDarkQueen Kimberly Freeman-Dance While I'm Drowning :iconpersephonedarkqueen:PersephoneDarkQueen 1 0


Texture 762 by Sirius-sdz Texture 762 :iconsirius-sdz:Sirius-sdz 195 15
The Wishing Faerie (Final)
A bit of time had passed since Viola's escape. She made a place for herself a little way away from the woods of Beren. She had been spending her time calmly and healing. She was almost fully healed now, and had regained her strength. She was standing by a little stream, staring down at the water when she felt a presence. She knew who it was. A pair of arms wrapped around her from behind. "I am sorry," Viola said softly, "that I could not find you."
She winced when fingers gently caressed where her wings used to be, and she turned her head to see Philomena staring upon her in horror. "They were taken from me," Viola said quietly. "I survived, but I have been wondering why I am still here. It is all gone. Perhaps I should die with it."
"I wish for you to stay," Philomena told her. "Stay with me."
Viola looked to the dying woods. "The place we made our home is gone."
Philomena took one of her hands, "we shall make a new home. Please, find a new place with me."
Viola placed a hand upon Phi
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 5 2
The Wishing Faerie (Nine)
The broken faerie remained locked away in the cage. She spent much of her time trying to escape, but the pain was still too great, and attempting magic weakened her even more. Her mind was a storm of thoughts, some of them telling her to give up, the others urging her to continue on. She had promised herself to listen only to the thoughts telling her to go on. She would keep reminding herself that Cadeyrn had no control over her life, and that she had to find Lumina and Philomena. That was what kept her going.
There came the sound of footsteps. Viola remained still, not turning her head to who it was. "Still alive, faerie?" came Cadeyrn's curious voice. A rare fear washed over Viola. He had returned, and now, what if he decided to take her life, and she could do nothing? What if he did have control over her?
"Tell me, faerie, would you be able to die if I left you here to rot?" he asked, but she did not respond. She would not die like this, as she had no need to eat or drink to survive
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 4 0
Marina and the Diamonds by grandiosedelusions Marina and the Diamonds :icongrandiosedelusions:grandiosedelusions 194 5
The Wishing Faerie (Eight)
She had been destroyed. Viola had awoke long ago, but her eyes remained closed, tears running from underneath them and down her burning, bloody cheeks. She wanted to wake from this nightmare. Or die. She had never felt such a pain before. An excruciating, burning, throbbing pain right where her wings should be.
Everywhere else burned as well. Her hands, arms, legs, and her face. Her body had been destroyed. She had been destroyed. What made her special, shown what she was, gave her freedom, was gone. She wondered what her purpose was now. Did she have one? With the painful thought, she fell into darkness once again.
Viola's eyes fluttered open again. Her vision was a blur. She tried to move, and groaned in pain. She found that she could not move, the pain in her back was too great. She would have to remain in that position, still trapped inside of the cage. She only hoped that he would kill her soon.
She found herself afraid of the thought. There was no hope, as no one could save her n
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 3 0
The Wishing Faerie (Seven)
Viola was trapped inside of an iron cage. The mere scent of it made her weak, and the touch of it burned her. She kept to the middle, away from the bars. Her eyes darted around. The room around her was dim with only torchlight, the walls and floor stone, and no windows. There was a staircase at the left side. She had been brought down to the lowest part of the castle. Her wounds were burning and throbbing. Her vision was blurry, and she was faint. Her thoughts were frantic, in shock about her dead friends, and wondering why she had not joined them. She was here, alive, apparently to see the king. What would he do to her?
She released a trembling breath. Closing her eyes, she tried to focus her mind. She could feel a familiar presence somewhere near. Princess Aylara. As her mind fell into a state of calm, Viola connected her mind to Aylara's, sharing her feelings.
Aylara was sitting on the cold stone floor in a cell. Her face was buried in her knees while she sobbed softly. She hated al
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 3 0
Glitter Textures [Bokeh, Sparkle] by Alicante-Design Glitter Textures [Bokeh, Sparkle] :iconalicante-design:Alicante-Design 9 0
The Wishing Faerie (Six)
Viola could only wonder if the king was a threat at all. She doubted so. Still, the others that wandered the woods would need to be informed about his plans. As she pulled herself from his mind, she found herself lingering in the sky above the castle still. Feeling curious about the princess again, she buried herself in Aylara's mind.
Aylara walked the corridor on the way to her chamber. She had been thinking a lot about the woods, and also the cloaked figure. She wanted to know who it was, and what else was hidden in those woods. She could not get the cloaked person out of her head... and she was angry at herself for being too afraid to go to them. A voice pulled her out of her thoughts. "There you are, princess."
Aylara stopped, looking warily at the knight. Durward Hrusek. He had caught her eye, as she noticed he was trying his hardest to please Cadeyrn, even more so than the other knights. "What is it?" she asked.
He stopped in front of her. She took him in: he was tall and muscula
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 3 0
The Wishing Faerie (Five)
When Viola returned to the woods, she told the faeries that they had been discovered by the king. Wiley and Oria, ever so careless, thought it amusing. The jewels glittered around their necks and wrists and fingers, and the crown atop Wiley's head. "What will the king do?" he cackled.
"Yes, tell him to come for his crown!" Oria's grin was wide, as were her mischievous eyes. Taking hold of each other's hands, they rose into the air, their laughter fading as they disappeared among the clouds.
Lumina chuckled softly. Viola's eyes shifted to her, taking in her lovely golden eyes and pleasant smile, her glittering gown of gold. She took Viola's hands in her own. "Telling them that will only cause them to pester the king further."
"He was quite angry," Viola remembered the hot pulsing of blood as she connected herself to him. At his rapid thoughts.
"You have become quite interested in the castle, it seems," Lumina pulled Viola a little closer to her.
"The princess is a witch," Viola said, in
:iconjulma-satu:Julma-Satu 3 0
Secret by ValentinaKallias Secret :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 1,896 0 Poisoned Kiss by ValentinaKallias Poisoned Kiss :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 1,078 0 Alice-Madness Returns by ValentinaKallias Alice-Madness Returns :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 1,157 0 -  Angela - Red Bride by ValentinaKallias - Angela - Red Bride :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 1,904 0 Death by ValentinaKallias Death :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 158 0 Corpse Bride by ValentinaKallias Corpse Bride :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 3,029 0 Psycho Dolly by ValentinaKallias Psycho Dolly :iconvalentinakallias:ValentinaKallias 2,291 0



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